Shavuot Moringa Powder (39.7g)




Shavuot Moringa Powder 39.7g (moringa oleifera) is 100% natural and made from the leaf and bark of the moringa tree. No additives or preservatives. Use Shavuot Moringa Powder as a brew for a healing tea or as a natural additive to meals.

Moringa has been studied extensively throughout the globe and found to be supportive of coping with and healing from a variety of conditions, diseases including Cancer, diabetes, HIV/Aids, hormone conditions, skin conditions, even weight-loss. Moringa also really “feeds the body” so it is known to  act as a natural appetite suppressant. Moringa leaf powder is not intended to be used as a medicine, it is a food, and can be taken regularly.

Directions: Add to water, brew for tea, use as a natural food additive to meals.


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