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Our Mission

What You Should know About US

Our mission is to promote Authentic Jamaican and other Caribbean products that are genuinely grown and/or manufactured in the Caribbean region.

Dedication and Sacrifice


Hard Work

In today’s highly-competitive trading market, we know that success manifests itself through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Here at Sunland we fully understand this and is evident through our work ethics. For the loyalty and love of authentic Caribbean produce, we work closely with our trading partners in the Caribbean to source quality at its best, both the finest and the freshest that the Caribbean brings. All this is done with YOU in mind.

Partnership & Commitment

We duly take pride in recognizing what it takes to build a reputable and reliable business. Having started Sunland Caribbean Foods as a sole trader in 2006, It was the full commitment of a robust husband and wife team that set the initial pace. Importing twice weekly and delivering to shops around the country made way for further developments. Distribution span far and wide, from London to Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds and as far north as Middlesbrough.


2008 brought change. Sunland was incorporated as a limited company and decisions were made to consolidate the business and concentrate on the highly competitive London market. Moving forward, Sunland has now established itself as a leading brand, reliable, competitive, and a fair trader amongst London’s large Caribbean food shops and market stalls, that are regularly supplied with Caribbean fresh produce, prepared foods and dry goods.

Caribbean Produce

We have a variety of yams, sweet potato, coco, breadfruit, mangos, sour-sop, guinep, avocado, dasheen and a host of other fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, bush teas and our authentic homegrown coffee that is genuinely loved by all. In addition to our fresh produce, we also supply a wide range of prepared foods ranging from traditional sweets and snacks, dried spices and herbs, garnishes, relishes, tinned milk, tinned meat, dried powdered milk, powdered and creamed coconut products, soft drinks, tonics, fresh fruit juices, biscuits, buns, bread, cakes and porridge mixes.

Authentic Suppliers

We work closely with manufactures, farmers and suppliers in the Caribbean to ensure quality at its best, carefully sourced and packaged with our consumers in mind. In return, business is authenticated between Sunland and our Caribbean suppliers for the purpose of continuity, competitive pricing and continued business growth overseas. By working closely with our suppliers, it allows growth contribution towards agriculture, manufacturing, and towards the overall development in the region and other areas of the Caribbean.