Knorr Beef Stock Cubes 8x10g (Gluten Free)


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Net Content
80 Grams
Salt, vegetable fats (palm, shea butter, sal butter), potato starch, sugar, beef extract (4%), yeast extract, flavourings, onion powder, caramel syrup, maltodextrin, parsley, carrots, spices (parsley roots, CELERY seeds)
Nutritional Values
Typical values Per 100g Prepared Per 100ml Prepared
Energy (kJ) 27 kJ 27 kJ
Energy (kcal) 6 kcal 7 kcal
Fat (g) <0.5 g <0.5 g of which saturates (g) 0.3 g 0.3 g Carbohydrate (g) <0.5 g <0.5 g of which sugars (g) <0.5 g <0.5 g Fibre (g) <0.5 g <0.5 g Protein (g) <0.5 g <0.5 g Salt (g) 0.94 g 0.97 g Features Add some rich taste to your dishes with Knorr Stock Cubes Beef 8 x 10g, a gluten-free stock cube that concentrates the great flavour of your beef with carefully selected herbs and spices. Rich and tasty stock. The UK & Ireland’s Favourite Beef Stock Cube (No wonder Knorr is the UK & Ireland's favourite stocks brand!). Gluten Free. No Added MSG and Free From Artificial Colours and Preservatives. Quick and easy to prepare – Just add your stock cube to 450ml of boiling water and stir into your dish to enjoy that great beef flavour. Storage Store in a cool, dry place. Country of Origin Portugal Product Information Need a gluten free Stock Cube that gives you rich flavour for your family favourites? Use a Knorr Beef Stock Cube. All of Knorr standard stock cubes are gluten free. Knorr gluten free Beef Stock Cubes are made with a carefully selected blend of herbs, seasonings and meat juices that delicately enhance the natural flavours of your dish. Looking to cook a succulent restaurant quality steak at home? Why not try seasoning with a Knorr gluten free Beef Stock Cube for a richer, deeper, fuller flavour. We also have a wide range of stock cubes ideal for every dish, including Chicken Stock Cubes, Vegetable Stock Cubes, Lamb Stock Cubes, Rich beef Stock Cubes (for an even beefier taste), Ham Stock Cubes, Pork Stock Cube and Fish Stock Cubes. We’ve got all your dishes covered. At Knorr we believe if you cook with a great stock, made with carefully selected ingredients, slowly simmered, with a rich flavour it will taste so good, you may need a bigger table to satisfy all of your friends and family! We also believe that good food matters and everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. We source high-quality ingredients to create delicious stocks, gravies, soups and seasonings enjoyed by families across the world. Knorr Top Tip – Grilled Steak For a succulent, mouth-watering, steak: Crumble 1 gluten free Knorr Beef Stock Cube into a small bowl and mix with 1-2 tsps of olive oil to make a paste. Rub the paste over both sides of your steak. Sear your steak on both sides in a hot pan until it's cooked to your liking, and enjoy!

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