Black Seed Vatika Natural Soap 115g




Black seed is also know as:

Black cumin
Black caraway
Black sesame
Onion seed
Roman coriander
It is extremely well known as a cure for nearly every ailment in Southern Asia where it is know as the ancient healer. Although these claims should be ‘taken with a pinch of salt’ there is growing research into the constituents as they have shown to have properties that interfere with viruses and prevent their increase increase even when other other methods have failed.

Clearly a powerful herb it is well known for its disinfecting properties and was well known by the Egyptians and a flask of black seed oil was apparently found in the pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb. The oil is an anti inflamatry and helps redness caused by sunburn as well as being effective against acne, eczma and psoriasis.

Chamomile is instilled with cleansing properties that help give you soft, smooth, clear skin,
Pomegranate known to strengthen and support your skin and help give it a beautiful glow.

This is a 115 g bar and is used to clarify the skin after ceasing to use cosmetic cleansers.

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