Hard Work, Dedication and Sacrifice

In today’s hyper-competitive trading environment we know that success comes only through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. At Sunland we fully accept this and knowing the loyalty and love that Caribbean people have for our traditional foods, we use our contacts and buying power in the Caribbean to source the best products and the freshest produce for our trading partners here in the UK.

We also subscribe to the concept of delivering a reliable service at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

Partnership and Commitment

We take pride in recognizing what it takes to build a reliable and reputable business having started Sunland on a sole trading basis in 2006, importing twice weekly, husband and wife team were delivering to shops around the country including London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and as far north as Middlesboro.


Sunland was incorporated as a limited company in 2008. At the same time, it was decided to consolidate the business and concentrate on the highly competitive London market. Since then Sunland has established itself as a leading brand that is reliable, competitive and fair trader amongst London’s large Caribbean food shops and market stalls who are regularly supplied with a wide range of Caribbean fresh produce and prepared foods including; various types of yams, sweet potato, coco, breadfruit, mangos, sour-sop, guinep, avocado, dasheen and a host of other fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, tea bushes and homegrown coffee regularly consumed by Caribbean peoples.

Alongside the fresh produce, we also supply a wide range of prepared foods ranging from traditional sweets and snacks, dried spices and herbs, garnishes, relishes, tinned milk, tinned meat, dried powdered milk, powdered and creamed coconut products, soft drinks, tonics, fresh fruit juices, biscuits, buns, bread, cakes and porridge mixes.

Producers, Suppliers, and Authenticity

We work closely with our producers and suppliers in the Caribbean to ensure the quality of our products and continuity of supply. We, in turn, ensure prompt and full payment to our suppliers to encourage competitive pricing and ensure the continuity and growth of their businesses so that they, in turn, can contribute to the growth of agriculture, manufacturing and overall development in the region.


Our mission is to promote Authentic Jamaican and other Caribbean products that are actually grown or manufactured in the Caribbean region.

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